About Us | Canvas Art Boutique

About Us | Canvas Art Boutique


Every space should be one you look forward to spending time in.

That has been the founding principle behind Canvas Art Boutique, an online store that sells canvas and wall art.

Founded in 2017, our mission has been to provide a curated collection of beautiful wall decor. Whether you wish to add an accent to your home, make a wall feel less empty, or create a visually stunning focal point, we're certain that we provide something for everybody.

A lot of our pieces are made with water-proof, UV-proof, and moisture-proof coating, making them a worthwhile investment you'll only have to worry about buying once. Most of our collections come with a pre-framed option, so that the journey between the packaging to your wall is a quick one. 

We recently launched a new site, so if you have error messages, be sure to check it out. 

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