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Why Black and White Abstract Art Never Losses Its Sheen?


Talk of decorating your home with black and white abstract art and you will find several naysayers. Ask them the reason behind their distaste for monochrome art and most are likely to say it reminds them of a museum. Well, it might be difficult for you to completely dismiss such an argument after all in the times of FHD and 4K people are used to seeing vibrant colours all around. But monochrome art is still popular and it has its loyal army of lovers. If there is one reason that outwits all that the naysayers can say it is the timelessness of black and white abstract art.

Black and white art never lose their sheen; you may still be holding onto some of them that came to as a part of the family heirloom. Your grandkids may celebrate your choice of art years from now. The biggest reason for you to add them to your collection is that they never really look dull and outdated. You can change the colour of your walls, you may buy a new home but these art pieces would seamlessly blend and accentuate the appeal of your home irrespective of the times and the kind of home décor ideas you wish to explore. But that isn’t all as there are other reasons you should opt for black and white abstract art for your home.  

They bring out best in an artist…   

It is often said that art is an expression of the human mind and if the artist can’t express the emotions in shades of black and white, they won’t be able to do it with dozens of shades. This is where black and white brings out the best in an artist. This is exactly the reason some of the best photographers tend to shoot in black and white as they believe if it looks good in black and white it shall look good in any colour. They need to get the shades and the light perfect or such an image to be a masterpiece. Similarly, black and white abstract art also involves intricate detailing which makes these arts valuable.

Art is more than just colours…        

We often tend to judge art from the colours. This is natural as we have colours all around us and they tend to affect us psychologically and emotionally. But when you think of art you must bear in mind that colour is just one of the several elements that go into making something that stands ahead of the crowd. There are the shapes, the designs and the story that is being told. Hence colour isn’t the only element that you would be looking at while choosing a piece of art for your home. How well has the colour been used to depict the story and deliver the message is more important than the shades of colour that have been used.

To sum up, if you are looking to add to the curb appeal of your home and want something that would continue to resonate with the present and never lose its sheen you should go for abstract wall art without an iota of doubt. They are timeless and would add that distinctive touch to your home.


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