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Wallpaper ideas for your next renovation

Home renovations is one of the best ways to breathe new life into an old space. You get to remove and add as many new elements as you’d like in its architecture and design. It allows you to create a new personality to what could be bare space. 

The best home renovations are those that transform a space from being an ordinary living area enclosed by four walls, into one that reflects the personality of its owner. One of the best ways to own your space is by incorporating a piece of you in the most simple and empty corners. 

Walls are notorious for being boring and empty. This is why most homeowners who want to transform their space usually aim to put in vigor on bare walls. Some people take them down or have them repainted. But if you’re one of the more creative ones, you can literally add color and design to them to make them stand out.

Think of your walls as your canvas. Each wall in your house is an empty space, and you have the option to simply leave them be, or throw in colors, images, and text that reflect your style as the owner. 

Wallpaper companies in Melbourne

One of the best ways to quickly change the look of your interior walls is by installing wallpaper. And no, we’re not talking about those similar to the one in your grandma’s house, although you can purchase one like it too if it suits your fancy. 

Wallpaper can now be as plain or as colorful as you’d like. Some wallpaper companies in Melbourne offer customizable wallpaper for every home owner’s needs. In Australia, more specifically in Melbourne, there are professional design companies that produce wallpaper, wall decals, and stickers among many others. 

If you’re looking to get wallpaper to glamorize your indoor space, here are great design ideas for you:

Graphic wallpaper

Break out of the ordinary and play with lines and colors! Graphic print is one of the best ways to play with dimension and emphasize the height of your space. The pop of hues and lines create an interesting futuristic vibe that can make any room stand out. These designs also make for great window graphics.

Vintage wallpaper designs

Old doesn’t have to be boring. There are vintage designs that could transform any room into a timeless beautiful expanse that leaves a good impression. You can use various vintage patterns such as abstract florals or toile and complement it with a simpler modern interior decoration and arrangement to create a clean timeless vibe. Another option is to choose a vintage wallpaper and combine it with old fittings for an old-timey look. 

Tonal design

If you have a specific color palette you want to follow for your home’s interior design, a tonal wallpaper design can help tie up all hues together. Be careful, however, with the colors you choose as tonal wallpaper can easily create an overwhelming restricted look. Make sure to mix and match hues that complement each other for a harmonious design.

Photo wallpaper design

What better way to own your space than to put up your favorite picture on your wall? It can be your favorite photo of a landscape, your family picture or even your own personal photo. If you’re reluctant to plaster a photo on your entire wall, you can always get a smaller one. You can get a sticker type wallpaper or have it framed on a wall in your central living area.

Artwork wallpaper

Apart from a photo, you can also have artwork printed out and mounted as wallpaper in your interior space. You can have it fill up an entire wall or get a smaller one to mount and mount it on a frame for a gallery-esque style.

Sticker printing 

Using wall stickers is another great way to transform bare walls at home. Stickers can be anything from your favorite quote, logos of your favorite bands or an image of your favorite superhero.

Wall stickers are fun additions to plain walls and are the perfect option for homeowners who are not yet ready to install larger wallpaper. They are fun and can be produced in any size which allows you to have fun in decorating your space. Stickers are also retractable which means you can simply take them out if you want new ones for your space.

Wall art

If you’re not the type to get a large wallpaper or a variety of small stickers, then perhaps you prefer wall art. But if you’re working on a budget and don’t have much to commission an artist yet, a printed digital wall art may be a better option for you. 

Some companies produce high-quality posters in Melbourne that print artworks in the form of banners. Simply select an artwork or pattern design that you like, have them printed out in banners, and mount them on your wall. 

Is it worth the cost?

One common misconception about home improvement is that it always has to be expensive. Most people think that to have a strikingly amazing home, they need to shell out thousands of dollars on home improvement ventures and maintenance.

While it’s true that transforming your space can require spending, it doesn’t have to break the bank for you. If you’re looking to transform your walls, there are cost-effective options for you. 

Transforming your walls through wallpaper and art designs, for example, is one of the best home improvement investments for any homeowner. It’s a quick and easy process, and the result lasts for several years or decades depending on care and management. With the right design, you can make your home look elegant and captivating. 

If you’re renovating your home, now is the best time to invest in wallpaper to elevate your home interior design. Choose the right design and wallpaper company to provide these for you. Once you have the right wall design installed, making your home look timeless, cozy and elegant will become so much easier. 

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