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Top 6 Benefits of Recycling


Recycling is fast becoming a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, which is essential for keeping our planet habitable for generations to come. Here are just some of the ways that recycling can benefit the world around us from

1: Saves Energy 

When we make new products, it takes a lot of energy and resources to get to that final product. However, when it comes to recycling an older product into a new one, this takes far less energy. For instance, a recycled aluminium can take an astonishing 95% less energy that it would take to make one new. 

So, by producing less products from new, we can help reserve energy and keep our planet happy.

2: Recycling Protects Both Animals and People 

Demand for new products – such as paper – means that more and more people and animals are suffering. That’s because, when it comes to sourcing trees for paper and other materials, vast miles of forests are being cut down and destroyed. Often, these forests are home to people who are being exploited and animals that need these forests to survive. 

Factories that produce products for us can often be releasing waste into local rivers and oceans too, which again affects both the animals who live in these waters and the people and animals who hunt in these places for survival. 

3: Recycling Protects Natural Resources 

Whether it’s trees or fossil fuels, many of the resources we use every day are finite, meaning they will run out if we continue to overuse them in the way we currently are. So, by opting to recycle and reuse certain items in our day-to-day lives, we are helping to protect some of these resources. 

For instance, metal such as aluminium can be recycled and used over and over again. However, mining metal can be dangerous as well as damaging to the environment around them. Or, when it comes to glass, there are certain types of sand which are becoming rarer and glass is another material that can be reused indefinitely when recycled. 

4: Reduce Greenhouse Gasses 

When we think about reducing landfills, we often want to do so to reduce the smell and the unattractive nature of these places. However, landfills are also notorious for releasing both methane and carbon dioxide when the rubbish gets squeezed down as more is added. 

Both these gasses are particularly bad for climate change, so by reducing the amount of waste we dispose, we will also help curb the release of these gases into the atmosphere. 

5: Prevents Pollution 

As mentioned before, a lot of energy is needed to make materials such as plastic or metal from scratch. The other problem with these processes is the fact that the factories making them also release a lot of pollution into the atmosphere. Which means the quality of air near these places becomes very poor for those people and animals who live nearby. 

6: Reduces Waste 

By being mindful about what we put in a general rubbish bin, we are instantly reducing the amount of waste we personally discard. It might not seem like much, but by switching to reusable products and putting recyclable materials in the correct bins, we are all working to towards a nation that produces less waste. 

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