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Is Double Glazing Worth the Money


Double glazed windows refer to windows that have two layers of glass, with space between the two layers. More and more homeowners consider double glazing when they have new windows installed. Their biggest question is whether or not double glazing is worth the money. The following information will help you decide for yourself.

Reduced energy bills

A reduction in energy costs is one of the benefits of double glazing. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a single, detached home can save up to £120 each year. Energy ratings on windows run from A++ to E, with A++ being the best. Ratings are from the BRFC. All new windows are required to have at least a C rating.

A warmer home

Double glazing reduces the amount of heat that is lost through your windows. More than half of the homeowners who choose double glazing do so to keep their homes warmer. Look for the U-Value rating. These ratings specify how easily heat can escape through doors and windows. Look for higher U-Value ratings, since the higher the rating, the less energy escapes.

Peace and quiet

Double glazed windows help keep street noise out of your home. If you live in a noisy street, double glazed or even triple-glazed windows will lessen the noise that enters your home. Different companies have different noise-cancelling rates, so if noise is an issue in your home, be sure to compare ratings.

Harder to break

Whether it's your children throwing a ball around, or a criminal trying to get in, double glazed windows are harder to break. Having them installed in your home can provide a bit more security and peace of mind.

Customisation options

These windows offer an array of customisation options to help you coordinate them with your décor.

  • Frames come in different colours.
  • Handles and hardware are available in different finishes and styles.
  • Add colourful leaded glass or jewelled glass
  • Privacy glass for bathrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere that you want extra privacy.

Now that you understand the benefits of double-glazed windows, you can make an informed decision as to whether they are the right choice for your home and budget. 

Be sure to shop around and check out the various ratings to get the best windows that fit your needs, whether it is saving money on energy bills, keeping your home warmer, or keeping street noise out of your home. 

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