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Is A Degree In Art Education Worth It?


When people are interested in pursuing higher education, especially in the arts, they often wonder if it is worth it after graduating. As with any form of education, it will only be worth it if your personal goals align with the career options that work with your degree. Most graduates of a degree in arts education are working towards becoming a teacher and depending on where you live, a master's degree may be the best choice for that end goal.

While a master's degree in arts education is designed to be the most direct path on the journey to becoming a K-12 art teacher, there are other destinations available as well. If you are interested in teaching workshops or classes for adults in more community-minded environments, it can be an excellent way to get there. Or perhaps work as a program coordinator at a museum is more suited for you, in which case a master's arts education degree will serve you well.

Can I Be an Arts Educator If I'm Not An Amazing Artist?

Not everyone with a degree in arts education is a great artist; you simply need to carry a deep passion for the subject matter. Like many other educational fields, being an arts educator is more dependent on your willingness and desire to curate and provide knowledge to others. Earning a master's in arts education will give you the ability to share your love of the arts with your students and help them discover the beauty of expression that comes through artistic mediums.

Many students who pursue this line of education have a talent for the history of art and expertise in explaining abstract concepts in a digestible manner. For many, learning about art is less about technique and more about understanding self-expression and developing a healthier self-confidence, self-understanding, and stronger communication skills.

One of the benefits of any kind of teaching is that you will learn as you teach others. Learning how to teach others can give a profound understanding of the subject matter as you must be able to provide lessons to others and have the knowledge to answer the questions that come from those lessons.

Freedom In Learning And Career

Earning your art education master's degree online will give you the ability to acquire the skills and credentials you need while still living your life. Arts education is well suited to an online environment as the process of learning in that setting will strengthen your communication skills across any distance and through various mediums. In turn, these skills are very transferrable to the wide variety of environments you can work in thanks to your master's degree.

If you have a passion for the arts and for shaping the minds and hearts of others, a master's degree in art education may be the right option for you. Educators are always needed in the world, and if you have a predisposition towards art already, you represent the right kind of person to be teaching this essential life skill. 

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