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Impressive Decoration Tips & Ideas for Interior Walls

House depicts the personality of the residents and walls depict the soul of the house. Beautiful walls make an impact and there is no way you can explain a house without explaining the overall design of the walls. White walls and wooden floors give a rustic look to the house whereas, adding a pop of color makes a 360-degree change in the overall impact of the house. Accents wall, warm colors are ideal for winters and they make a house look cozy and comfortable but with light colors, you can make a house more inviting and ideal for summer weather. If you want to sell a house, just changing the paint color of the overall walls and exterior will help you get a better quote. A detailed drywall takeoff and cost estimate might be necessary to have an idea about the overall interior wall construction. Apart from this, most interior designers like to keep the walls as a blank canvas and then add art pieces to change to transform a house into an art gallery. If you are looking for some impressive interior wall decor ideas, here are a few of the best tips that most interior designers use. 

Accent Wall

Accent walls are one of the great ways to accentuate the overall look of the room. Select a base color and use it for all walls but leave one wall black. Now select a color that is totally opposite to the base color you can also select a design or a wallpaper if you want. The main idea is to accentuate the one part of the room that will set the mood of your room. Usually, accent walls are behind the crown of the bed or if you want a music corner then this will work as a base of your music corner.

Frame Wall

Frame wall gives a modern look to the room, teens and tweens love this wall interior designs. It depends on what you want to add on this wall, you can use movie posters, quotes, abstract arts, vintage photos, family photos or anything that you want. In some cases, people like to add music album covers, which adds an artistic aesthetic to the wall. 

Open Storage

For houses where storage space is less, open shelves, racks and storage spaces work the best. You can have a basic color shelf in the room and add pictures, decor pieces, books, candles, and simple stage boxes. Within the storage boxes, you can keep everything you want whereas, books and decor pieces will bind the overall look of the room together making it pop as a center of attention. 

Moss Wall

Moss walls are becoming quite popular because most of the people are now looking for forest rustic, earthy garden look for interiors. Moss walls are great for adding a garden aesthetic to your place, they are very low maintenance and once they are fixed you don’t have to take care of it like a plant. Apart from this, there are companies that set artificial moss walls. You can keep all three walls white and your floors plain brown and with just one moss wall, you will see that your whole room will look like a garden. 

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