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How to Create One-of-a-Kind Canvas Art with Epoxy

When creating artwork there are many different modifications and adjustments you can make to take your vision to life. You can play with the colors, or the texture of the canvas. You can even change the material you’re working with, whether that be paint or stencil. But one of our favorite methods to create canvas art is a little out of the ordinary, but has extremely rewarding and beautiful resultscreating canvas art with epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin is a durable but flexible material that can mold into any shape or create any pattern. We love epoxy for the ability to mix and create your own colors with mica powder. You can even pour epoxy on multiple different surfaces, but for today we’ll focus on working with epoxy and canvas.

Step One: Materials and Workspace

While working with epoxy allows you to be creative, sometimes the more creative you are the more of a mess you makewhich means you need to prepare your workspace adequately. 

First you’ll want a solid base for your canvas. We like to use a workbench or any sort of table that you don’t mind staining with a little paint or epoxy. However, you do need to make sure that this surface is level, otherwise your epoxy will pour over the edges of your project.

Next, you’ll want to grab yourself epoxy resin as well as mica powder to add color. When looking for the best epoxy and coloring, find a product that is made here in the U.S.A so that you’re ensuring high-quality ingredients. Second, you’ll also want epoxy that is UV resistant. If your artwork will be hanging in a well lit area, you want to make sure that your coloring doesn’t turn yellow in the sun. Our favorite epoxy is Upstart Epoxy with their mica powder for these types of projects.

Step Two: Measure and Mix

Once your area is prepped and epoxy in hand, it’s time to mix and start creating your colors. This step is crucial to getting the perfect pour as well as your ideal color. When it comes to mixing your epoxy read the label closely. Generally, epoxies have an easy 1:1 ratio. From there, you’ll want to pour your epoxy into your mixing cups until it is a clear and even consistency.

Next is the fun part, adding in your color. A great tip is to pour a small amount if you already mixed epoxy into another cup. This will allow you to test out the different colorings until you find the exact color you’re striving for. Once you’ve got your color, go ahead and add your mica powder to the mixed resin and stir until it’s a smooth consistency.

And remember, different epoxies have different working times so be sure that you’re paying attention to the clock once you create your epoxy mixture.

Step Three: Pour

Now that you have your colors ready it’s time to start pouring. The goal is to pour as closely as you can to the canvas. The further away your pour, the more air you’re allowing to enter into your epoxy mixture which will cause bubbles down the line.

As we said before, different epoxies have different working times so be sure to watch the clock while you’re creating your masterpiece.

Once you’re happy with the look of your artwork it’s time to let your resin cure (aka harden). To do this, you should leave it in a protected space for about 24 hours. This protects the project from falling debris and human hands.

Our Favorite Projects

While you’re starting to think about your epoxy artwork, we pulled a few of our favorites that we’ve seen:



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