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How do I display my art prints with hanging systems?


Collecting amazing pieces of art prints is a major part of decorating your art gallery. However, to display it properly is also necessary to enhance their beauty. There are many ways to display your favorite art-prints like layering them over the shelves, stacking them, leaning them on the floor, or on the books. Displaying them with hanging systems is also one of the cool ways to hang them on the wall.

But, what are art hanging systems? Well, let us learn a little bit about the hanging systems before understanding how to display art prints with these systems.

What are art hanging systems?

There are many art hanging systems to display art print. The major systems include:


Depending on the mounting type there are different types of Rail Hanging System including wall-mounted and ceiling mounted. Made of Aluminum, these rails come in wide weight withstanding capacity ranging from 65lbs to 250lbs. The predrilled rails are extremely easy to mount on any wall or the ceiling.

Cables/ Rod

Cables and rods are the two types of hangers. Cables are made of Stainless Steel or Clear Nylon while the rods are made of Aluminum or Stainless Steel material.

Some of the examples of Cables and Rods include Nylon Ball End Cables, Stainless Steel J Hook Cables, Aluminum Classic Hanging Rods, and Ball End Hanging Rod, etc.


Cable and rod Hooks help in adjusting the height of the art print to the desired level by moving up and down. Basel Side Screw and Micro Self Gripping Picture Hook are some of the examples of Hooks for the hanging system.

How to display art print with a hanging system?

Once you know about the different types of hanging systems, you can learn the important steps to display the art print with these systems.

  • Selecting the right height is the first step before displaying the art print. The height of the art print should be around 55-60 inches from the floor. The basic idea is to hang the art at eye level. 
  • Decide the number of art prints that can fit on the wall without looking too crowded and also without leaving the wall look deserted.
  • Select the right hanging systems based on the type of art print and use proper technique to fix them.
  • Hang the art print on the system.
  • You may need to adjust the art prints to display them evenly on the wall.

Final Words

There is no fixed way to hang art prints with hanging systems. You can use your creativity and display them in your own unique way.

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