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Hardwood Flooring: Southern Style

The following blog post is guest written by Alison Bergh.

What comes to mind when you think of Southern style? We think of cool and classic rooms lined with columns, ceilings painted light blue, and, of course, weathered hardwood floors. But just as important are the objects that fill these rooms - often family heirlooms, or antiques with a story. 

And no matter if your Southern home is a spacious bungalow in New Orleans or a modern craftsman home in Nashville, we know that yours is outfitted with meaningful memories in the form of decor, furniture, and objects from far-flung locales. 

The question is: how do you best accent the assets your home already has, while showcasing your own personal style? We have some ideas for you!

Natural hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful, glamorous and versatile elements in a home. And, it happens to be an important aspect of traditional Southern decorating tradition. Hardwood floors bring a coolness and airiness to the space on sweltering Southern summer afternoons, promoting naps and quiet conversations. And, they hold warmth and welcome in guests for entertaining by the fire in the winter.

When it comes to utilizing the hardwood flooring in your home for your decorating plans, the first step is to ensure that it’s been properly cared for. And if it hasn’t, never fear! There are experts in your city that are more than happy to share their knowledge (like this family-owned Nashville flooring store) on the care and restoration of your beloved hardwood flooring.

It’s also helpful to decide on a color palette for your home that will express the energy you want to convey in your living space. And there are several lovely colors that have been beloved in Southern decorating for generations: Charleston Green, Texas Leather, Creole Pink and WIlliamsburg Blue are some of the most popular, and they all have rich history behind them. 

A good question to ask when choosing colors is: how do I want to feel when I enter the space? Cool colors, like blue and green, promote a feeling of calm, and space for thought. Warmer colors like pink or brown convey a nurturing feeling, and are perfect for cozy activities.

Finally, when it comes to choosing pieces of furniture that fit in with your theme, material and design are very important in creating that perfect “feeling” in your home. Luckily, there’s a rich history of furniture design and construction in these mountains, so you have lots to choose from! Will you decide to incorporate reclaimed wood, or weathered wood furniture in your home? Or are you more attracted to the classic, European-influenced styles of old Southern cities?

At the end of the day, you’ve chosen to make your home in one of the most culturally rich locations in the country. Antique stores abound, and you can find countless treasures to incorporate into your home to make it feel like “yours”. 

Just remember to assess that assets your home already has when you start the process - from beautiful hardwood flooring, to natural light and ancient trees on your property, you’ll find many an outlet for your creativity in the South.

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