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Awesome Ways to Decorate with Gray Kitchen Cabinets


Gray cabinets are becoming the new classic and rightfully so. This neutral offers versatility, the opportunity to let your creativity fly, and to create the kitchen space that you truly desire. Gray and its many shades are effortlessly stylish and beautifully balanced in its characteristics as a design element. Whatever the particular design you are going for, gray can have a place in it. It’s a matter of knowing how to style the gray hue you are working with in order to have the best design outcome. Here are some awesome ways to decorate with gray kitchen cabinets.

Go For Cabinets that are Dark Gray 

Tired of the everyday white cabinet? How about a gray that can pack a punch and make your cabinet a point of interest? Think charcoal gray. This shade of gray can take you close to black without being extremely dark. Charcoal gray cabinets offer a striking pairing with white. If your kitchen has a large white island or if the tiles are white arabesque, it could help to balance the deeper tone in the charcoal cabinets. If you choose charcoal gray, you are likely going for a bold or moody look. Amplify the drama with kitchen lighting that has character, like a pedant lamp that can help to brighten up the kitchen space.  

Create Backsplash that Can Make a Statement

Not all shades of gray are created equal, but all offer something truly incredible. If going for a creative backsplash, light gray cabinets are perhaps the best shade to work with. This shade of gray is anything but overpowering, you can get creative with your backsplash. Consider a textured or mosaic backsplash for your pale gray cabinets. It’s not busy like a colored backsplash would be. For your countertops, select something speckled countertops since the light gray provides the perfect balance.

Blend Gray and Pink

Are you thinking of chic decor? How about mixing your gray cabinets with a touch of pink? Avoid bubblegum pink since it won’t look quite appealing. Opt for a dusty pink shade that will work well as an accent and enhance the look of the gray cabinets. Pink can add warmth to any cold-looking gray. You could paint the wall pink or switch out your old island for a pink one. Perhaps add an accent with a few pieces of pink appliance or two in pink color. The pink and gray combo can be enhanced with accents of rose gold or copper, such as rose gold drawer pulls or a copper pendant lamp. 

Cheer Things Up With Yellow

Gray and yellow pairing are effortlessly radiant. However, you have to find the right balance when it comes to the saturation of the chosen shade of yellow. For creating a stylish kitchen space, choose a pale yellow instead of a deep yellow. Deep yellows are best used to provide hints of the particular shade and an ideal place to use saturated yellow is at the kitchen range. Apply pale yellows to the kitchen walls. If your kitchen has a blend of medium gray and pale yellow, warm up the kitchen space with a warm stained wooden floor or vinyl flooring, but keep the floor light if working with saturated yellow.

Gray is a rising star in the neutral world and there are so many ways to use it as a decor element. Know how to pair or blend gray with other design elements for the perfect creation. Gray cabinets are in and can stand up to white cabinets any day. The versatility of gray means that the design possibilities are plentiful. 

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