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7 Window Treatments Ideas & Trends You Should Try in 2020


Trends come and go and new styles pop up every other week, but what's important is to pick a style that works with how you envisioned the overall decor style of the room and your needs. If you’re looking to find the right inspiration for a stunning window treatment that will match your room’s character, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place.

We sat with Loganova Shades – a custom window treatment company that designs their products in NY and handcrafts them in Toronto – and talked about the most popular styles you should try in 2020.

If you’re trend hunting, stick with us as we highlight the top types of window treatment ideas to help you design the room of your dreams while ensuring that the function and style of your choice are best for you.

So, are neutral shades in or is this a good time to flip through options with patterns and colors? Let’s dive in, discover the variety of trends, and draw inspiration for your dream house:

1. Neutral Shades
In 2020, stick to a neutral palette when it comes to chromatic choices and opt for simple, yet intriguing pieces of shades that will give off a loose vibe and will not clutter the space visually. A linen Roman shade in beautiful, shimmery neutral tones works great for an understated minimalist vibe. Check it out here.

2. Add a Splash of Color
If your living room has a modern style, accessorize your space with abstract and unique shades that will give off an overall vibe of expressionism and free spirit. This scenario will perfectly match with the bold choice of a strong, geometric pattern that adds a vivid dash of color to any room. Break the rules and opt for a window treatment with a modern twist that has a sleek, fresh look to it. Pick your shade from here.

3. Jewel Tones
Luxe is back on everyone’s radar as jewel tones become a popular choice for draperies and curtains. Matched with lavish fabrics like velvet, silk, and wool, pastel tones have become the go-to palette shades for high-end window treatments. A recommended window treatment is an elegant, soft-hued drapery that will add a touch of warmth, grace, and comfort to any space.

“For that contemporary look, we like working with sheer materials that add an unspoken sophistication to any room and make any space ever charming.” adds Loganova Shades.

4. Bring Privacy to the Forefront
2020 is the year your home doesn’t just get a style upgrade, but a functional one as well. If you’re looking for more privacy for you and your loved ones, a blackout Roman Shade with a sleek polish will be the practical thing to add to your home. This type of custom window treatment has a contemporary, versatile style that works with most rooms. The soft suede-feel blackout lining also helps with thermal and noise insulation so you can enjoy your space more than ever.


5. Floral Patterns
For an unexpected take on window treatments, opt for a bold and vividly printed batik or floral-dyed fabric for a truly expressive note in any room, from eclectic to modern. These also work well in clean minimal spaces as they work to lend it much needed character and play.


To add on your ideas dashboard, check out this gorgeous Flat Roman Shade in a designer linen fabric with a stunning blue and white floral design. Make your window treatment mirror the spring bloom by picking a top-quality Roman Shade with a traditional floral design.

6. The Classic Touch
Yes, florals are trendy but the classic look will never go out of style. With sheer, elegant curtains that denote high quality and create a soft, light filtering effect wherever they are hung, you can dress your windows to impress. The choice of elegant draperies will give your living room a sophisticated vibe and make it the perfect place to organize any extravagant event you have in mind.

7. Metallics Accents

Not everybody is into an all-white or -black vibe, so riding the minimalist wave is not in the cards. And that’s ok! For those of us who enjoy the drama of home decor, metallics are again stealing the spotlight. What’s more thrilling than that?

Tweeds woven with metallic threads are a discrete introduction to the trend. An option for a novice when it comes to playing with shimmery and sparkly fabrics could be this embroidered Flat Roman Shade with a delicate geometric pattern. Handcrafted in a luxurious faux linen fabric, this shade is guaranteed to give a chic look to your room.

Tone down the daunting aspect of sequins with gunmetal accents and neutral furnishings. Gold foil prints are a wink of metal without overdoing it. You will not miss the mark with the proper dash of dazzle!

What Window Treatment Trend Will You Choose?

If you find yourself at a loss for inspiration or you’re not sure what would fit in your home from the 7 trends we shared with you today, we recommend checking out the Loganova Shades collection for a modern, contemporary selection of window treatment ideas.

Whether you’ll opt for modern blends of whites and blacks or mix it up with pastel shades and fancy patterns, there are window treatments for all tastes, home decors and needs for stunning results. Consider investing in your next window treatment purchase for a long-lasting do-over, with a fashionable and functional touch.

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