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5 tips on How to Clean Efficiently Your Bathroom

Do you love cleaning your bathroom? Unfortunately, though the bathroom can be relaxing and refreshing, not many people like cleaning them. Are you wondering why? Because it isn’t fun scrubbing soap scum and dealing with the toilet odors. Most people prefer sprucing and cleaning their bathrooms. Luckily, there are things you can do to make cleaning your bathroom bearable and efficient. Are you wondering what things? Check out the following tips;

Banishing Soap Scum, Grime, and Easy Toilet Cleaning


You may think that removing grime or soap scum from your bathroom requires expensive and “miracle-working” products, but you are wrong! You only need an ammonia and baking soda. Are you eager to know how? Take three tablespoons of baking powder and stir it with half a cup of ammonia. Then mix them in two cups of warm water. After the mix has blended well, take a rag or sponge, and wipe your bathroom surfaces. You will get excited to see your surfaces gleaming. You can read more about this on My Home Zen Spa.

The same applies to your toilet; you don’t require any expensive solution to make it clean. You can use the solutions found in your home to do the trick. For example;

  • Mouthwash: Put a ¼ cup of mouthwash and pour it in your toilet’s bowl. Then wait for about 30 minutes and scrub the bowl with a reliable toilet brush and flush. The toilet will get sparkling clean! According to Jennifer Kantor, mouthwash has been recommended by cleaning experts as an effective solution to clean your toilet.
  • Antacid Tablets: If you search in your medicine cabinet, you can easily find vitamin C, antacid, or denture tablets. Drop two of them in the toilet’s bowl and allow them to dissolve for approximate 20 minutes. Then take your toilet brush and scrub it for a while. Your toilet will look as new!
  • Cola: If you don’t have cola in your fridge, you can easily access one from the shop next door. Pour one can full of cola into your toilet bowl and allow it to sit for about half to one hour. Then scrub and flush the toilet. You will get stunned by how your toilet will become spotlessly clean.
Using Mildew-free Shower Curtains and Ceiling Cleaning

Bathrooms are almost always moist due to their nature of use. As a result, it is no surprise that you get to see mildew on some or all of your shower curtains. But you need not worry; you can keep the mildew at bay by soaking the curtains with the liners in salty water before hanging them to dry. But if they appear on your shower curtains, you can eradicate them with the following simple ways:

  • Take vinegar and borax, each ½ a cup, and add two cups of water. Then mix and pour the mixture on to the areas with mildew. Allow it to sit for about 8 – 10 minutes. Then use a piece of cloth or sponge and scrub.
  • If you don’t have vinegar and borax, you can mix a pint of household bleach with two tablespoons of washing liquid. After mixing them well, spray the solution on to your shower curtain.
  • In case you have vinegar but have no borax, make a paste using vinegar and salt. Then allow it to dry for about 1 – 2 hours and clean it off using a damp cloth.

Unfortunately, most people forget that their bathroom’s ceilings also require cleaning. They get busy cleaning the tiles and fixtures found in their bathrooms and think all has gotten done. Surprisingly, mildew, spots, and grime also build upon the ceiling. If you’ve never cleaned your bathroom’s ceiling, try looking up; you may get left mouth agape. To easily clean your bathroom, mix white vinegar and water at equal quantities, and pour the solution in your cleaning bucket. Then put on any reliable eye protection wear like the goggles. Then dip a sponge mob long enough to reach the ceiling into the solution and squeeze out excess water. Reach out to the ceiling and clean the ceiling by sections. All the dirt and germs will effectively get removed.

Spotless Bathroom Tiles

Most bathrooms have tiles, and the grouting between them attracts germs and dirt. Unfortunately, it is not easy to effectively clean those hard to reach areas while doing a regular bathroom cleanup. Also, the sight of dirty grouts isn’t pleasing at all. But you need not worry; here is how you should clean your bathroom tiles effectively.

  • Make a paste using two parts of water, one part of borax, and two parts of baking soda. Then use a toothbrush to scrub the solution on to the grout
  • To remove the grime, use an eraser of a new pencil to rub it away because it can reach into those narrow spaces
  • Also, use a tooth-whitening agent and mouthwash to scrub the grout.
  • For those bad stains on your bathroom’s grout, place a cotton wool ball dipped in a household bleach on the spot for some hours. If the stain is on the wall, use gaffer tape to attach the cotton wool ball.

Solving Stubborn Water Spots and Scum

Built-up scum and water spots are responsible for dulling most surfaces found in the bathroom. To tackle these stubborn stains, dissolve two cups of salt in four liters of hot water and scrub off the stains. Alternatively, instead of using salt, dissolve ¼ cup of baking soda, a cup of ammonia, and ½ a cup of vinegar 4 – liters of warm water. Apply this mixture on to the solution and allow it to sit for approximately 15 minutes. Then scrub and rinse off. 

Brushing Away Rust Stains

Do you have an old toothbrush? Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on it and use it to scrub all the rust stains found in your bathroom. Alternatively, you can use a mixture of lemon juice and borax, or salt and turpentine, all mixed at equal portions. All of these methods act like magic in solving your bathroom rust problems.


Most people fear cleaning their bathrooms because the process is involving and tiring. But as explained above, there are ways of making your bathroom cleaning easier. More so, your bathroom becomes clean effectively. The above tips will help you have and maintain a clean bathroom. You only need to put them in practice.

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