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2020’s Colors Of The Year According To Top Brands

Every year Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Pantone, PPG, & Valspar release their picks for the color of the year.


Every year, interior designers and fanatics like us wait to see what color experts predict will be the “in” colors of the following year.


Every year, the color predictions deliver modern pairings that break a boundary or two, bend a few rules, and leave a few scrambling to keep up with the times.


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To help you keep things straight, we rounded up the colors of the year predictions for each brand.


Benjamin Moore: First Light

Photo Courtesy Of Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year Trends


First light has the ability to stand out in any room while playing well with other lighter colors. Benjamin Moore thinks highly of this color and even goes as far as to say it’s, “a fresh new backdrop for a bright new decade.”


This warm color is still pretty cool!

Behr: Back To Nature

Photo Courtesy Of Behr


Behr went against the grain with the trend of blues and pinks in 2020 by choosing Back To Nature. Their selection takes inspiration from the earth, water, and plant life, creating a calm, gracious, and balanced aesthetic.


Behr also released its 2020 Color Trends Palette, a collection of 15 magnificent gues ranging from an upbeat green to a homely orange. Each hue is designed to stand alone, or mix well with other colors around your home.


In a press release, Behr said, “The new palette sources inspiration from the desire to engage with the world around us and restore balance in our everyday lives.”


Sherwin Williams: Naval

Photo Courtesy Of Sherwin Williams


This year, Sherwin Williams released 45 trend colors divided into five different palettes all designed to bring joy.


Their top-pick, Naval, falls in the Alive Palette along with colors like Ripe Olive, Sleepy Blue, Tassel, Endless Sea, Cavern Clay, Touch of Sand, Sandbank, and Canyon Clay.


Their goal?


Bring us out of our comfort zone as we enter the new decade. Sherwin Williams also wants us to appreciate the beauty in nature and bring it indoors with a color that offers infinite calmness.


Pantone: Classic Blue

Photo Courtesy Of Pantone


Pantone is seen by many as the authority when it comes to color. When they first decided to create the color of the year 20 years ago, they were taking a huge risk as a small company. This year, they went with The Pantone Color Institute says, “It’s a color that you can rely on.” On our mind, there’s almost nowhere this color can’t go.


Will it be another five years until we see Pantone choose blue again? Serenity, their 2016 color of the year choice offered a softer take.

Valspar: Winter Calm, Canyon Earth, Desert Fortress, Pale Powder, Secret Moss, Secluded Garden, Tempered Sage, Grey Brook, Mint Whisper, Utterly Blue, Bombay Pink, and Crushed Out

Photo Courtesy of Lowes: Ask.Val


After celebrating their 10th birthday last year, Valspar, the nation’s largest paint distributor, wanted to follow up with the same energy as in 2019. Instead of picking one color, they went with 12. 


They chose to take part in the growing health and wellness movement by recognizing more restorative hues. Their 12 choices allow everyone to find the hue that cultivates the most joy in their home.

PPG: Chinese Porcelain

Photo Courtesy Of PPG Newsroom

This year, PPG decided to create a blend of cobalt and moody ink blue to offer escapism in today’s numbers-driven society. Today, sleep is undervalued compared to the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced lives. Hand-selected by PPG’s color experts, this color is the perfect escape from our busy world.


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