5 Home Decor Ideas for the Fall Season

The Fall season is a time to get the entire family together for the holidays, make various pumpkin spice concoctions, sport cozy cardigans, and eat hearty food. 

It's also an opportunity to decorate your home to really lean into the warmth and unity that this season creates.

We've put together a list of 5 uniquely beautiful home decor accents that will be perfect for the fall.

1) Golden Pumpkin Centerpieces

golden pumpkin table centerpiece

The best thing about anything gold-colored is that it's considered a neutral because it's a "metallic" color. In other words, it can easily go with so many color schemes without ever clashing with anything. We absolutely love gold pieces for the fall because they pair so amazingly with the traditional fall colors like red, orange, and brown. 


2) Pumpkin Bouquet

pumpkin bouquet

We love pumpkin bouquets because they elegantly combine two different things: bouquets and pumpkins. You can easily switch out your regular vase of flowers with one of these pieces to instantly add a festive touch to your home. 


3) A DIY Wreath

We love wreaths for the Fall season. While most of us are very familiar with Christmas-themed wreaths, you can easily extend this type of home decor into the fall by adding more earthy elements. In fact, you can craft up some DIY pussywillow into the wreath for a cool touch. 


4) Tabletop Arrangement

succulents table top

This is something you can easily place in a kitchen or living room, and incorporate the existing decor that you have in your home. Here we have a centerpiece that has sugar, mini pumpkin decorations, and succulents. But really, you can add whatever you'd like and it will look good year-round. 


5) Pine Cones

Pine Cone vase

Pine cones make great accents to just about every living space. They're awesome because they are small and can be added to what you already have, and you can even find them for free near pine trees around this time. Try incorporating them into a vase or a centerpiece. 


And there you have it - our list of home decor ideas that are easy and classic that can be incorporated to help make your home feel more festive. Grab a scarf and a pumpkin spice latte, and the mood is all set. 

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