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11 Ways To Make Your House Look Expensive (On A Budget)

Make A Room Look Luxurious

Higher end real estate properties are not only more sought after on the real estate market, but they tend to be more elegant and stylish. That being said, a lot of people are under the impression that they need a lump sum of money in order to incorporate glamour and luxury into their homes. We’re here to dispel that, because all you truly require is creativity and an eye for aesthetics to design a home that exudes sophistication and wealth.

Here are 11 ways you can make any house look expensive.

1. Use luxurious lighting

Whether you identify as a design novice or an experienced pro, you probably realize how much of an impact lighting can have on the general mood of your home. By installing appropriate fixtures, an ambiance of opulence can be easily created. One effective method is to install dimmers, which instantly create a more comfortable, lavish mood. The added benefit is that they enable you to control your lighting depending on what atmosphere you want to create within a room.

Alternatively, dramatic lighting can have a similar effect. Adding a stunning chandelier above a bed or bathtub can easily become a luxe decor statement that brings a bold element to your space. If you think that such an addition is expensive, you’d be mistaken - such glamourous fixtures can easily be found in second-hand stores and markets. Lastly, you can use metallic spray paint to revive old fixtures and give them a glamorous upgrade.  

2. Create a clutter-free look

One overarching theme across most luxurious homes is simplicity and minimalist. By curating the pieces within your home and taking the time to eliminate clutter, you’ll let all the beautiful decor and features stand out that much more. This is a free way to maximize your home’s current aesthetic and emphasize the elegant and tasteful fabrics and decor. As a rule of thumb, make sure that every item within your home has a place and a purpose. Doing so will enable you to control clutter and maintain an open, airy feel.

Tip: Have a small bin in every room where you put away items that don’t belong on surfaces. Empty out the bins once a week to maintain a clean, clutter-free home.

3. Choose a rich palette

Nothing brings about inspiration quite like a good colour palette. Luckily, this is an element that doesn’t require that much cash to implement. The right hues can create a rich, layered feel in your home. Neutral or muted tones help create a simple, minimalist elegance. Deep tones such as blues, purples, and reds give a royal feel. It’s important to realize that colours can impact your state of mind, so select hues that suit the particular room. For example, go for soothing, elegant palettes when it comes to bedroom colours, such as light blues, beiges, and soft greys. Alternatively, neutral shades are a classic choice because they provide a home with a timeless aesthetic. The key is layering them for a richer, less monotone look.

Another tip is to opt for an understated backdrop that will allow you to incorporate pops of darker, more dramatic hues. Things like navy cushions, throws, or drapes can stand perfectly against a muted base. If you choose to go with a dramatic palette, make sure to balance it out with contrasting elements.

4. Decorate your walls

Never underestimate the power of beautiful wall accessories, and how they can add character to a space. The tasteful addition of artwork will not only elevate your home decor, but will also give a unique personality to your home. Wall art allows you to express your creativity and style while still being budget-friendly. The options you have are truly limitless(browse all link). You can opt for different sizes, different colour palettes, or varying amount of pieces. You can go for a print, an abstract painting, inspirational quotes, or even a multi-panel piece - your options are as limitless as your taste and imagination. If you want to go for a minimalist feel, choose a black & white or a monochromatic piece. If you want to make a statement, go for a bold and big piece.

 minimalist deer wall art 3 piece

 Minimalist Deer Wall Art


nordic forest wall art

Nordic Forest Wall Art

Black And White Toronto Skyline Wall Art


All You Need Is Love and a Dog Art



Another way to dress up a wall is the use of wallpaper. Although the very mention might bring up thoughts of the 70's, there are beautiful modern alternatives. Whether you decide to accent a single wall or the entire room, make sure it complements your existing colour palette and decor. Wallpaper that has textured design, metallic finishes, or elegant patterns is a sophisticated choice for a luxurious home.

5. Go with tasteful furniture

Furniture tends to be the biggest component of a room, serving as the focal point and creating a certain atmosphere. If you want the luxurious look you should go with simple yet sophisticated furniture that will make a tasteful impact. For instance, contemporary elegant lounges with clean lines and upholstered edges are a solid option for a classy living room. By keeping the furniture simple, it will keep your living room luxurious and elegant without looking basic. Don't hesitate to invest in good furniture because the impact can be incredible and comfortable.

6. Decorate your windows

When it comes to making your home look extravagant, dressing up your windows is a simple, understated trick. Not only is it simple to implement, but it's also budget-friendly. The secret to creating luxurious vibes involves opting for rich, heavy, and long drapes that reach the floors. This particular trend exudes elegance and sophistication, and are typical of high-end home designs. To add to that, the rich and soft texture of curtains will add comfort to your home while the design and hue will create a stunning contrast when contrasted against a subtle backdrop or add an elegant element of neutrality to your home.


7. Implement luxe materials

Certain textures and materials are emblems of luxury in home designs, such as wood and marble. It's not surprising that they tend to be priced in ranges that don't accommodate modest budgets. Despite that, you can still incorporate such elements without going over budget. For example, you can use tile that imitates of wood or marble or use these opulent materials on a smaller scale. When it comes to using marble on a budget, you can use it for some impactful pieces such as marble shelves or a tile backdrop. Lastly, you can look out for marble alternatives that will create an opulent look in your home at an affordable price.

8. Implement elegant DIY projects

If you love interior design and possess some decent DIY skills, you can implement an array of elegant projects that will elevate your home. Doing this will give you all the design inspiration while allowing you to learn what works best for your home. As an idea, you can implement crown molding within your home, which is a subtle yet classic way to luxe up your home without breaking the bank. Elegant middle-wall millwork and oversized baseboards are also inexpensive additions that give your space a sense of classic luxury.

9. Bring nature inside

Natural accents have long been an essential component of interior design because they introduce freshness and natural energy to your home. In a luxe home, fresh or imitation flowers can be perfect accent details. They're ideal for decorating side and coffee tables, countertops, and more. Fresh flowers fill your home with a lovely aroma and a pop of colour while also creating an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. Adding greenery has been shown to improve your mood and create a positive, airy atmosphere. Additionally, having pops of greenery adds pops of colour into your home without clashing with the rest of your decor.

10. Introduce metallic finishes

Incorporating different metallic finishes into your home is another simple and affordable way to give your space an aura of luxury. You can easily change your locks, knobs, faucets, and hardware. You can also use spray paint to give all those elements an upgrade. For a more glamorous modification, you should go with a reflective glossy finish that will reflect light, making your home brighter. Gold is a classic choice, but other notable options include rose gold, brass, and silver. These hardware elements are frequently available at second hand, antique, and hardware shops. What's even better is that they can easily be installed without the need for professional help.

11. Let your hardwood floors shine

If you're lucky enough to have gorgeous hardwood floors, there's no need to hide them beneath wall-to-wall carpets. We recommend making the floors the center focus if you want your home to look expensive. If you want to jazz them up, opt for plush or antique area rugs. The use of a stylish rug can tie a room together while introducing elegant colours and patterns and revealing the natural beauty of your floors. Faux sheepskin rugs tend to be an affordable option, same as antique rugs.

Creating a luxurious home can be simple and affordable, especially if you have a knack for DIY and interior design. With enough creativity and research, you can design a space that exudes style and opulence.

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